Over 300 devices supported with CF-Auto-Root Update

CF-Auto-Root is the easiest and hassle-free way to root a Samsung device. If you not familar with rooting these tools will make it so easy that anyone can do, thanks to Chainfire from xda developers. Most instructions for supported Samsung devices tells you to download the correct zip file, and flashing the files within via Odin.CF-Auto-Root-Script-running-on-phone

What’s installed
SuperSU binary and APK
– Stock recovery (note that any other recovery you may have installed will be overwritten !)

What’s the difference between CF-Auto-Root and CF-Root, and/or other root solutions ?
CF-Root (non-Auto) are manually built rooted kernels and/or flashables that usually provide more than “just root”. CF-Auto-Root is built on an automated system that I am constantly improving that takes a stock recovery image and returns an automated rooting packages. These packages are designed to install and enable SuperSU on your device, so apps can gain root access, and nothing more.

The difference with many other rooting solutions is that those will often install a custom recovery for you (I am personally moving away from custom kernels and recoveries, for various reasons), while with CF-Auto-Root you will end up with a stock recovery again.

Not included – custom recovery
A custom recovery like CWM or TWRP is not included.

Not included – Triangle Away
Triangle Away can be used to reset the flash counter after installing CF-Root. The flash counter keeps track of how many custom firmwares you have flashed, as this voids warranty. (No idea what this about ? Read up on it, you will want to use this !)

Not included – adbd Insecure
As this CF-Root does not include a custom kernel, adb shell does not have root access by default (you can still get it by typing su inside the shell), nor is adb remount supporte

When you root your Android device it opens up the doors to allow you to install apps and others things that you couldn’t before; for example lets take the sixaxias app which is for using your DS3 or DS4 PlayStation controller on your Android device. If you don’t have root access you won’t be able to use it as it needs to get your Bluetooth address so you can pair the controller to your Android device. Once you have root access there are just so many thing you can do with it even if you leave the stock rom (which the Android OS your phone is running) in it.

For downloads, visit the CF-Auto-Root Repository page and if you need any help with it you can head over to the central thread at XDA here..

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