Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam! coming soon to the 3DS

When Nintendo brings out their famous franchises, you can be sure that they’ll do it right. Combining their signature polish with a novel cross-over idea, the 2 RPG worlds of Mario & Luigi combine with Paper Mario; without saying, this title looks like plain fun.mario-luigi-paper-jam-416177.4


Literally colliding the two worlds together, Paper Mario leaps into the surreal adventures of Mario & Luigi with paper powers intact; of course, on the trail are also the foes and enemies from the Paper Mario universe with two times the Bowser. Expect hilarious hijinks, writing, and surprises exclusive to the Mario x Mario universe!


By taking advantage of Paper Mario‘s unique skill set – folding, rolling, and making copies of himself, take down 2 X Bowser’s army, solve nefarious 3D puzzles, and the journey is a papercraft quest of epic proportions with the most powerful Nintendo RPG Trio. There’s also amiibo compatibility for enhanced custom power-up making!

Nintendo 3DS [Action RPG] Release: JPN – Dec 03, 2015 EU – Dec 04, 2015 US – Jan 22, 2016

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS™, US)  US$ 39.99 pre
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (Nintendo 3DS™, EUR)  US$ 39.99 pre
Mario & Luigi RPG Paper Mario Mix (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)  US$ 39.99 pre
Mario & Luigi RPG Paper Mario Mix & Mario Kart 7 [Double Pack] (Nintendo 3DS™, JPN)  US$ 75.99 pre

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