Debugnet for the PSVita released!

The developer tools just keep rolling in for the PSVita. This time developer psxdev has released debugnet. Just a week ago he released psp2link and psp2client, which you can read about here.
I know all of you guys want more emulators and other stuff for UVloader, but this goes to show you that things are happening.psvita debugnet

The more development tools there are for the PSVita, the easier it is for others to contribute. So on that note here what debugnet does and how to use it. Debugnet is a vita small library to debug your homebrew code over udp. It is the same method that he used to debug PlayStation 3 code, so you can use the same host tools for PSVita and PlayStation 3 to do it.

How do I use it?

1) Compile and install library and include file

You need the new vita toolchain installed in your environment VITASDK must be defined.

Experimental build scripts tested with osx are in:


After install it replace crt0.o from arm-vita-eabi/lib with this one than you has in build-native/newlib/arm-vita-eabi/newlib/libc/sys/vita/crt0.o is inside of directory that you are using to compiling the toolchain

Toolchain is work in progress but it’s time to switch to vitasdk

  cd libdebugnet
  make install

2) Compile sample

  cd sample
  edit main.c and change your server ip and port to listen udp messages from PlayStation Vita

3) Open a terminal and execute (change port if you don’t use 18194). It can be in osx, linux or if you have socat like tool on windows

  socat udp-recv:18194 stdout 

4) Execute sample with rejuvenate

You will see in socat terminal window output from your PlayStation Vita:

 debugnet initialized
 Copyright (C) 2010,2015 Antonio Jose Ramos Marquez aka bigboss @psxdev
 This Program is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 file, You can obtain one at
 ready to have a lot of fun...
 [DEBUG]: Test debug level 1
 [ERROR]: Test error level 1
 [INFO]: Test info level 1

5) ready to have a lot of fun 😛 and switch to vitasdk

Download: debugnet


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