3DS: Ironhax and Tubehax Exploits Released!

Smea was quick to announce two new methods of launching the Homebrew Launcher. Due to the nature of exploits, both Cubic Ninja and Ocarina of time have sky-rocked in price. Iron Fall Invasion and Youtube are both free and you should download them off the eShop ASAP. With this new exploit in the wild, you can expect a price drop in Cubic Ninja and Ocarina of time. Which is great for users, who want to stop using Ocarina for an exploit and enjoy the game again.



I would recommend downloading the IronFall Invasion 1.1 update, because you can always remove it in

System Settings>Data Management>Downloadable Content>IRONFALL Invasion

The added benefit is you get online access to Iron Fall Multiplayer. What sets Ironhax and Ninjhax apart, is you can play Iron Fall Invasion completely as the exploit doesn’t break the game. Many people would agree and even I suggest to purchase the additional DLC, to enjoy the full game.





  • 3DS system (any model and US/EU Region) on FW9.0-9.9
  • 4GB or more SD Memory Card
  • Cubic Ninja (For Initial Setup If you don’t have access to Youtube)
  • Iron Fall Invasion (3,852 blocks/481.5 MB)
  • Iron Fall Invasion 1.1 Update (73 Blocks/9.125 MB) OPTIONAL
  • Youtube (111 Blocks/13.875 MB)
  • Exploit Files


Hopefully you read my previously post and saw the benefit of Free Multi Patcher. Check it out here and download YouTube and IronFall for FW9.0-9.2 3DS systems. If anyone ever downloaded Iron Fall previously, it still appears in your eShop Download list.

You can get all your homebrew needs at the new site Smea has started. The main idea of the site is to provide a one stop experience for your current 3DS exploit needs. It features a much better graphic design, when compared to the old Ninjhax site. Hopefully in time, this place will become a haven of 3DS homebrew and research needs. Much like how PSVitaWiki is doing for the PS Vita’s PSM homebrew. Everything you need to experience Ninjhax, Ironhax and Tubehax can be found here. If anyone has any ideas for tutorials or need help troubleshooting, leave a comment below.


Most of the code for ninjhax, ironhax and tubehax was written by smea. However, a lot of help was provided by the following people :
– yellows8
– plutoo
– mtheall
– fincs
– Fluto, Arkhandar (hbmenu design)
– Normmatt, ichfly
– lobo (webpage template)
– CUE (compression code)
– GW (bringing attention to the webkit bug used by tubehax)
– derlanalmeida, ThibG (icons on this page)

We’d all also like to thank everyone who has been contributing to the 3DS scene in one way or another, including (but not limited to) : yuriks, Subv, Bond697, sm, StapleButter, bunnei, WinterMute, neobrain, and, like, so many other people.


Team Hackinformer signing out


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  1. I can’t get TubeHaX to work 🙁

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