Progress report on ISSB SmashBros 2 mod for Android & iphone’s

Not long ago, I wrote about iSSB SmashBros for Android and iOS this app really took to my interest so I branched off into a similar version still using iSSB source. ISSB 2 will be just as much fun as the original but with a bigger roster and hopefully loads more content.IMG_1874



Redesigned menus

Alternate soundtrack

Dante – WIP

Goku – WIP

Fullscreen iPhone 5 & up, iPad widescreen

Follow our forum thread on the current progress and download the early builds, the main point is to get feedback for future features and possibly your favorite characters. Anyone is welcome to join, we really need anyone with sprite skills and c++ fluent devs.


About Ben Nahalewski

Making the best of what we've got, always looking for a loophole.


  1. Can you add wolf and make a video on how to get the beta?

  2. Please add sceptile squirtle and wolf mainly squirtle and wolf if you can sceptile and make it for iOS 9.3.4 pls cause I really want to play it!

  3. Very cool bro I am from Bolivia (I am not speak english) bueno nada mas queria decir q sigas asi bro tu juego es un sueño hecho realidad porfa saca tu nueva version del juego y con mas personajes y mapas la verdad me gusto tu app aqui es muy famosa saludos

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