Official rxtools v2.5 with disabled signature checks released

Roxas75 released a new version of his free 3DS CFW that now officially has disabled signature checks.


This is what he said on his website about this release

Yes, I’m back. And the biggest news is that the project is now again open-source!
Soo many things have changed, you’ll see in the changelog and the GitHub report.
I expect many critics becouse i disabled the signature checks…
As i already said, i do not support piracy in any way, but what’s inside my project is already public, and stolen too, so there is no point on hiding it anymore.
This is also an answer to all the “devs” who have stolen parts of rxTools, creating modified versions of it and public tools or other cfws with my same patches.
This is the changelog:
Version 2.5
– Progect made open-source
– Signature checks disabled
– MSET Downgrading utilities
– FBI Installing on emuNAND and sysNAND for CIA managing
– Graphic restyle and fix of the annoying flickering
– rxMode autoboot
– rxMode booting in sysNAND by pressing X during the launch
– Improved stability of the code
– Fixed some wrong KeyX usage when it was not necessary
– Opened up DevMode

First you will need to set up EmuNAND. Skip this if you already have EmuNAND
1. Download GW 3.2.2 Ultra Beta
2.Extract the GW 3.2.2 Ultra Beta and open the GW_Ultra_3.2.2(Public Beta) folder. Copy the Launcher.dat to the root of your 3DS SDCard.
3.Power on the 3DS, open the browser and go to . When the screen flickers hold the L Trigger. In the Gateway Menu go to Format EmuNAND and confirm it. After it finished shutdown your 3DS.
Congratulations you have now set up EmuNAND and you can now copy back the things you saved earlier.
Files you will need:
rxtools v2.5 (download release.rar)
firmware.bin (go to release->tools and open cdn_firm.exe. It will download a firmware.bin file)
slot0x25KeyX.bin (Just google it)
1.Extract the rxtools folder
2.Take your 3DS sdcard and plug it into your PC
3.Copy the rxtools.dat, code.bin,firmware.bin andΒ slot0x25KeyX.bin file to the root of your SDCard.
4.Open the fbi_injection folder and open the folder of your region. Copy the file to the root of your SDCard.
5.Safely eject the SDCard and plug it into your 3DS.
(6.)If you are on Firmware above 4.5, rxtools allows you to downgrade System Settings so that you can use Mset on FW4.5 <. Open the Tools folder and start msetdg.exe. Choose your Region and copy the created msetdg.bin file to the root of your SDCard. After that open the browser and go to hold R and go to Other Options->Downgrade MSET on SysNAND. After it finished shutdown your 3DS and turn it on again.
6.Open the 3DS Camera with L and R.
Scan this qrcode. This will install the rxtools mset exploit.
rxtools qrcode
Wait until it says “An error has occured” and then reboot your 3DS.
7.Now go to Settings->User Settings->DS Profile Settings and hold R. You should now see this Menu:
Β rxtools v.2.5 Menu
Go to “Other options” and choose “Install FBI over Health&Safety App” and then press Y for EmuNAND. The app will still be named Healt&Safety but it will start FBI (Who reads Health&Safety anyways xD)
8.Launch rxMode πŸ˜€ (If this is your first time setting up EmuNAND go into Settings->Other Settings->Format System Memory. This is needed to unlink SysNAND and EmeNAND. ALSO NEVER GO TO DATA MANAGEMENT IN SYSNAND. IT WILL WIPE ALL THE CIAs YOU INSTALLED IN EMUNAND)
Have fun with rxMode CFW πŸ˜€

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, but pretty sure it only works on o3DS anyway (for now) πŸ™‚

  2. Can I do this on my o3ds 4.4 without going online? I have an r4i ds card.
    Can I use that with the gateway 3.22 launcher.dat and set up emunand.
    Also can I install rxtools without the qr code?
    Sorry for the lame questions, I’ve not used my 3ds in a while and most of this is new to me.

    • Yes you can set it up as long as you have the files. You can use the Gateway 3.2.2 Launcher.dat to set up EmuNAND. Then just copy rxtools.dat, code.bin,firmware.bin and slot0x25KeyX.bin file to the root of your SDCard. After that in the rxtools folder go to release->mset and copy the rxinstaller.nds to your R4i. Then in your R4i start rxinstaller.nds and it will install the mset exploit. Finished, Youre ready to use rxtools now πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t get MSET to work on 6.2, even I followed your instruction to downgrade MSET on Sysnand in step (6) and 6. I have to boot into RXTools through web browser πŸ™ .

    Please test that again and let me know.

    • I meant I am on 6.2 on Sysnand, Emunand is 9.8, region US.

      • One more thing I just discovered. If I let it auto-boot, then I got black screen (have to turn off pressing and holding power button).

        I have to go into RXtools menu. Then launch Rxmode from then onto emunand. That way it works!

        • I’m sorry. I have a 3ds xl on 4.5 so I didn’t test out the MSET Downgrade. I would sugest you to downgrade with Gateway Launcher.dat and then install MSET. My rxtools boots just fine with autoboot. I have a EU region EmuNAND/3DS.

          • I stay on 6.2 for a long time. The saves on my game tapes doesn’t work with less 6.x update (read somewhere before Nintendo change save data key encrypt for 6,x firmware and newer).

            I have a friend with gateway. He was on 4.5 and I once tried my pokemon games on his 4.x 3ds XL. It said corrupted save data, while my 3ds works just fine.

        • I have same problem with you tivu100. Is there any solution? I already install rxtool 2.6.. it cant solve the problem

    • How did you install the MSET exploit? With the browser Method or with the rxinstaller.nds?

      • I used browser exploit method like your guide (scan the code). It was successful (error and restart). However, can’t boot from the ds profile holding R.

    • How did you install the MSET exploit? With the browser Method or with the rxinstaller.nds?Because the rxinstaller.nds seems to be broken in version 2.5.

  4. Can I use this on the latest firmware? 9.8?

  5. Hello,

    I have 6.2 firmware and my camera is unable to scan the qr code, so how can I continue to install the rxtools mset exploit ?

  6. Hi. My o3ds has a parental lock. And somehow i can’t access the “i forgot” button. Will this still work on my 3ds with parental lock? Also, can i use 64gb memory card? Thanks!

  7. Nice guide. One question, without doing the mset exploit will i be able to go ahead and install fbi injection over h&s and install unsigned cia? Im asking because i would prefer to keep my sysNAND to firmware 9.2

    • Yes you can just install fbi over h&s and install unsigned cia with fbi but you will need start the CFW to use fbi or the unsigned CIAs

      • Can i still play online and get game updates?

        • If you have a old3DS you can just update the emuNAND to the latest version. RxTools works fine with FW 10.3 for me. There’s always the chance of being banned but it’s really low. You can just go to the store and download game updates and play online too. Only if tryout use a gateway flash card too you have to be cautious

  8. I did every things correctly but i don’t kniw how to launch the rxtools app

  9. I tried that but nothing happens besides the message it give you about dsi and ds. Nothing loads or boots up for me when I hold R.

  10. the menu doesnt load when i hold R and press ds profile settings.any help?

    • I actually figured it out, instead of the ds profile go into browser and go to and hold r. That should do it. It worked for me.

      • thx it worked but i have another problem.i installed fbi over health&safety app and format as step 8 says.but now how do i enter emunand and rxmode? cause my screen is black when i choose launch rxmode in sysnand.

        • Just launch rxtools throug browser: “” or with the DS Profile exploit.If you’re 3DS is on 4.5 you also need to have the slot0x25KeyX.bin on the root of the SDCard and also the firm.bin that is compatible with rxtools v.2.5
          You can find a working Firmware.bin on that Iso site

          • i choose launch rxmode and the screen remains there a way to delete everything and do it again?i have the feeling i did something wrong.thx a lot for your help.

  11. Anyone know where to get good cias from?

  12. noob question but can you use menuhax or do you have to have ninjhax and do you need gateway card?

    • You can also use MenuHax to start the CFW but you need to set up the emuNAND with gateway the first time but you don’t need the gateway card for it

  13. Ok, really noob question, but that little problem is just killing all the thing. So, my R button is not working, is there any other way to start rxtools?

    • When starting RXtools it should automatically start into the EmuNAND πŸ™‚ but I don’t think there is another way to get into the menu if not using the R Button πŸ™

  14. I can’t get past step 3; the gateway hack won’t work (tried multiple ways of getting it and none seem to be working?) When I tried your way nothing happened on screen except for the loading 3ds screen thing when you enter the link.