Quick 3DS Pasta CFW tutorial

Hi guys, it’s Dessel here and I’m going to tell you something about Pasta CFW and how to install it. Pasta CFW was actually released a few week ago but yesterday’s release of the method to inject GBA games into 3DS using Pasta CFW made it a hot topic again.


By the way, this release is a reason why your Twitter timeline is flooded with 3DS’s running GBA games. 🙂

Pasta CFW is a CFW loader for Ninjhax which allows you to install unsigned CIA files. Basically, you can install 3DS, DSIware and GBA games, etc. only with Cubic Ninja, which is really cool. The only downside is that you install them to SysNAND, which is not wise according to some people, but as long as you don’t mess with system CIA’s, it should be safe. And yes, unsigned CIA’s = piracy, but not only piracy.

What do you need to install Pasta CFW:
– O3DS/N3DS/2DS on FW 4.1 – 9.2
– Cubic Ninja (and Ninjhax of course, but that will be explained in the tutorial)
– Pasta CFW – latest version is 1.3 (beta7) – Download | GBATemp thread
– Title.db and Import.db – Download
– FBI for Ninjhax – Download (/3ds/FBI – this is the folder you’ll need)
– BigBlueMenu.cia – Download
You’ll find out what to do with all these files later, now just download them.

As for the tutorial itself, I’m going to put here a great 6-min video from the Youtube channel Newbs Network. This tutorial helped me a lot and if you follow the steps, you’ll get functional Pasta CFW. For tutorials in Spanish, check the youtube account of our SebasTorrón.

As I’ve already said, with Pasta CFW you can install unsigned CIA’s and I recommend you to use BigBlueBox for that, but keep FBI in your 3DS too, just in case.

Now if you are interested in injecting GBA roms, which is a bit tricky and requires some extra actions, head to the thread on GBATemp which explains everything so even a 3DS noob like me got it working. It’s not hard at all, just read directions properly and follow them.
The thread. Also, you’ll need 3DNUS, which can be downloaded here: Download | GBATemp thread

No, reprep, you’re not. 🙂

See you next time

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  1. Hello 🙂 I have a question. Can I use pasta CFW without ninjhax? I have 9.2 and have menuhaxx

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