Applied for a PSM license and not approved yet?

Well, it seems that now Sony has even gotten wise to the new trick of us submitting a question about our PSM developer license applications.

Playstation Mobile

I applied yesterday bc, being the genius that I am, I thought I had applied and been approved but I was wrong!

So, about an hour after applying I sent the question in. Well, late last night an email came through that said, and I’m paraphrasing, “if you have something created and ready to submit and are only waiting on the license then send us screen shots and we will expedite your application. Aside from that please wait until we get to yours.” I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment at their response.

Playstation Mobile

So, if you guys haven’t gotten your license you may not get one. According to them they’re trying to get people a license that will be able to publish something before May 31st. I don’t understand why they don’t just give everyone a license but that’s just me. If anyone finds out any better of a way to get it pushed through please let us know. As for right now, all we can do is hope! Good luck guys and Happy Gaming!

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  1. I got the PSM license easy enough I’m having a nightmare running the PSM Studio on my computer it just doesn’t load

  2. im still waiting to be approved. but i dont have anything to show if they ask! can you help me out

  3. nothing we can do if we not start to make a psm game project… just hope miracle happens

  4. Sony is probably reading all these blogs and thinking “….. you little hacking f**ks…”

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