Developer Aldostools leaves the PS3 Scene

If you don’t know who Aldostools is, but he has made an awesome collection of 40+ PC Tools for the PS3. A few days ago he deleted all the download links from his Website.

B7U3C50SS made his own package of Aldostools and put some extra files in it. You can find the Article at the End of the Post. It seems like Aldostools got Butthurt about this and thats most likely why he deleted the download links


Here is what B7U3C50SS said about the release:

Hi, Guys! Today I have a gift for all PlayStation 3 sceners and PS3 devs who like to toy with SELF / SPRX’s and PUPs alike- I call it Aldo’s Tool Collection [B7U3 C50SS Edition] with details below!

Here is the link to all of my most used tools (mostly Aldo Vargas) hence the name I’ve given this collection. Also with no affiliation to me. I just wanted to put this together, for people.

Hope I’m not offending anyone by slamming my user name on the title of Aldostools! haha! icon12.png

This is the Aldo’s Tool Collection [B7U3 C50SS Edition!], or so I’ve dubbed it. Inside is all your standard Alsdos tools and more, of course.

I have a small list here of what’s inside (NOT ALL OF IT, just small parts):

  • Elf2Self.exe (Old. Doesn’t work with new algo at all)
  • PUAD GUI 1.5 Installers (folder stuff too)
  • ALL PS3Xport Programs (idps’s and private info has been removed)
  • Both UpSilon and Technodon’s modded 4.00 dev_flash
  • gpup.exe and batch files that go with.
  • About 100 unpackers/repackers! icon12.png (thank-you and Credits, XxZer0modZxX!)
  • isotools.exe installshield wizard
  • RedDot-3ND7355’s pkg resigner (only 4.66 sadly)
  • XxZer0ModZxX’s 4.66 pkg Resigner
  • .pkg signer by famous massacre
  • psntuff, latest as of today (just click and it will download to the “downloads folder”
  • 3 [PS3/4 Proxy Servers including.. ps3.proxy.server, PSXDownloadHelper, and SKFYPr0xy
  • PS3 Error Code tool 1.6
  • Ps4tools-master folder (For Unpacking the PS4 .PKG files! also works with the PUP. Thank-you zecoxao for compiling the source. – THE PUP WLL ONLY FILE SPLIT GUYS. SAME AS BEFORE
  • A second PKG_CONTENT_ID.EXE named PKG_CONTENT_ID2.EXE (run them both as admin in order) you will see. icon7.png


Also please ignore the file called lv0.2 – good data.txt it’s not good data as there IS NO GOOD DATA. It was mistakenly uploaded.. also please ignore some other files in there they were also mistakenly uploaded as well lol

Have a good one!

Its sad to see a good dev go, but lots of new developers are out there.
and Please DO NOT POST any Links of the Files here because of them containing questionable files!

If you need the PS3tools I uploaded the original File here


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  1. I see you used the pic i used with my article :p

    As far as a ‘good dev’, that is highly questionable, a good dev knows how to take advice and criticism, aldostools sure as f**k did not, this is not the first time he took down ps3tools and it is not the first time he has destroyed a project due to his butthurt.

    Just ask sandungas about Irisman, you can read my personal blog regarding BDS.

    I will give him his props though, he is a very good GUI creator, he can take real devs open source work, stick a GUI on it and close source that sh*t.

    So no, i won’t be sad to see him go 🙂

  2. Darthsternie

    Your Picture desrcibes the whole Situation perfectly thats why I took it :P.Seems like Aldostools gets Butthurt really easy 😀

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