Qwikrazor87 to release a new kernel exploit for PSVita FW 3.50

You all might have heard about qwikrazor87 will be releasing a new VHBL for PSVita firmware 3.50. Well it looks like qwikrazor87 has encountered some problems with the usermode of the this new exploit coming soon. So instead of just releasing a usermode exploit, it looks like he will be giving the scene a kernel exploit (ARK) for firmware 3.50 as well..


Now for people on lower firmware like 3.18 or 3.36 I would advise that you stay were you are at and do not update. As this new exploit coming up requires you to have a CFW psp or a eCFW PSvita.
So stay tuned for further updates and you can following me on twitter @riddle43

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