Using the DS4 controller on the PC

There’s all kinds of ways to use the DS4 controller on the pc, from CronusMAX/Titan One USB Adapters to the DS4tools software, but I’m here to talk about a free and easy to use tool for the pc, it’s called DS4windows.


So to get started, just download DS4 Windows here, install it, and plug in your DualShock 4. It will display automatically in the program, and Windows will think it’s an Xbox 360 controller.

You can also modify the controller’s settings to do things like map buttons and even tune the analog sticks’ sensitivity in multiple ways. DS4 Windows is a free, and a ad-driven program, though you can donate to DSDCS for an ad-free version.

So whats is DS4Windows? It allows for the use of your Dualshock 4 controller in Windows as a Xinput device (Xbox 360 controller) making it compatible with all 360 controller ready games. DS4Windows also adds features such as trackpad to mouse support.

Automatic profile switching based on active application, Adjustable stick sensitivity and curves for pinpoint accuracy, highly configurable custom macros, button combinations for macros to extend the functionality, full trackpad to mouse support, full rumble support (with rumble compatible games).


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