Could There Be Another PSVita Kernel Exploit Release Here Soon

Well everyone, it may feel like the psvita hacking scene has been kind of slow lately for the US or has it? and we all have heard rumors of another Kernel Exploit out in the wild. ūüėČ


Since the release of the EU VHBL “Space Invaders Extreme”¬†everyone as been waiting for the next US VHBL release. Well I have bad but good news,¬†I can confirm that¬†the next VHBL release for the US has been¬†postponed for now. While things are being¬†discuss among the Dev’s on whats the next best move is “VHBL or a Kexploit”.

In other news, I know you might have see some articles over at wololo/talk about Ark being worked on for lower firmware.



Well this could mean we might have two options of eCFW for the psvita in future kernel exploits. The way I see it things. The hack scene has not slowed down at all, with other Dev’s continuously¬†working on new menu for VHBL. Like the¬†138menuL4 which is a work in progress. This means we could see a whole new look of menu’s for VHBL or even ARK.

scorcher Grafite

Now when could we see a release of a VHBL, TN-V or ARK, who know really that’s up to the people that work so hard to bring you all your favorite retro and homebrew games to the PSVita with eCFW or VHBL. ¬†

If it was up to me or if I was to guess the next release of any kernel exploit it would be after the Playstation TV. See where I’m going with this, it’s almost like last year with the release of the vita tv and the PS4. ¬†But for now, we have to sit back and wait to see what the next big move is, because I have a feeling it’s going to be something good for everyone. ūüôā


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  1. Is there a particular website we can access on a daily basis so that one can get reliable info on PS Vita exploit, i.e. similar to what recently occurred with Space Invaders? Basically, once happening, one can get to the hack before Game is pulled from PlayStore. Better yet… How about e-notification, i.e. Like what I receive from “ ” for iOS devices. Any comment most gratefully appreciated!