Google’s YouTube to Purchase for 1 Billion dollars?




Well it’s an all cash deal, YouTube (owned by Google) will purchase the streaming service for $1 Billion Dollars.

That’s right … with a B …Billion dollars.

Now some would say, hey that’s awesome but right now the common feeling is very apprehensive to say the least. Now this deal is not 100% official with the announcement coming very soon. Some people this sounds more like a ploy to gather more of the online streaming market share since now Twitch is a big part of console streaming with the PS4 and Xbox One.

ps4twitch xbonetwitch

Now if you haven’t heard of Twitch it’s a online service that hosts web streams of gameplay from PC or now home consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One. So as you can imagine this acquisition is quite a big deal and could have wide spread implications.

Some good may out of this, like the ability to cross streaming on YouTube or possibly the two becoming the same service all together. For the bad most people assume Google+ rearing its head on Twitch just like it has with YouTube to MUCH disdain. Either way it looks like this is a done deal with the announcement pending soon. We will have to wait and see what this brings especially to consoles.



Twitch on PS4

Twitch on Xbox One


Oh and the rumor is that Microsoft was interested in purchasing Twitch also…. so what’s your thoughts??


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