PSP Plugins that improve Functionality & User Friendliness

This is for PSP/PSVita with CFW/eCFW installed only. Stock Firmware PSP/PSVita can’t use plugins.  Some plugins don’t work on the psvita (TN-V) but you can always try them out and see what happens. If you would like to download more psp plugins check out our download section here..


This little app here, will make your PSP Stand out from the rest, it enables you to use CTF Themes with ease. CTF Themes are full pledge custom flash0 themes packaged in one singe file.blueflame


2. Game Categories

This is a must have PSP Plugin. It will make your PSP more orderly by categorizing your Apps, Games, Homebrews into different user made Category.


3. Speedy Screenshot PNG

Screenshot plugin that can capture anything on your PSP Display with a press of a button.

What makes this screenshot plugin stand out from the other is the fact that it captures so fast, you cant even notice its done capturing.

Try now and show your games score on your friends with this screenshot plugin.


4. HUD

It displays battery information, fps, date and other things on your PSP.

You can customize its display settings, positions and other options.

5. Sysconf Spoofer

Firmware and Mac address info spoofer.

Give your PSP a custom identification.

Looking for more plug-ins then check out our download section..

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