Retro-Bit has even more goodies coming this year

megatable-gen1While the Super Retro Boy might be the talk of CES2017 Retro-bit has, even more, to offer that not everyone talked about. Do you remember that huge table controller that Retro-Bit was using at last CES2016? The huge table controller was a hit at every event they went to and the number one thing everyone asked them was it for sale or do they make them.

With such a huge and positive response about the table size controller, Retro-bit is actually making the Mega Table controller that’s about the size of a normal coffee table. new-mega-tablec1glbhgviaajg0k

No word on how much it would cost for the Mega Table but if I had to guess I would say about $400 to $500 dollars. This will be available later this year to buy if everything goes right.

tri-o-hdThe Super Retro Trio that can play NES, SNES, & Sega Genesis games is getting an HDMI upgrade, so now all you retro gaming is in HD. The SR3 should be available May 2017 and retail price is set at $79.99.


The last thing coming out this year from Retro-Bit is it’s Generations Portable console. That is packed with over 100 popular retro games. It has an HD widescreen LCD (1280X720) six button layout with an analog stick, 8hrs of gameplay, rechargeable battery via micro USB. Last year they introduced Retro-Bit Generations home console well the portable console will have a MicroSD card slot so you can transfer game saves back and forth between them. The Retro-Bit Generations Portable should release this July and retail for $69.99.

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