Status update on the IOSU exploit for the Wii U

Remember last year around Christmas time Hykem announced that he had an IOSU exploit for the Wii-U and was going to release it a little bit after Christmas. Then Hykem got busy with life like we all do and it got delayed again. A few weeks later he showed everyone he wasn’t joking about this exploit and posted the key’s on Twitter.Wii U keys

Today Hykem told everyone that he will be releasing the exploit with another team on a coordinate release.  Now there isn’t a set day or time when this is going to be happening but at least, we know that the project is still very alive and it will happen.IOSU Wii-U

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  1. Probably means coordinated release with loadiine? We can only hope!

  2. Hope the poor guy isn’t giving up hope in this project, due to people being horrible to him. I believe in you Hykem!

  3. Is this is compatible with the newest wii u update…… then HELL YEA!!

  4. between smeleum and hykem entry points. I would have thought some documentation would have been available atleast *_* aside from that I wonder what else could we achieve?