Result of Hackinformer’s Custom Theme Contest 2015

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Aaaalright, everyone! As you may have heard our website held a PS Vita Theme contest celebrating the possibility to FINALLY theme our loved Vitas ourselfs, we are pleased to announce the lucky winners today! After the closing date on the 30th of October and 4 days of voting out of 42 themes, the results are in (You can look them up here) and we have our 3 winners!

Note from Hackinformer: We’d also like to thank CustomProtocol for donating funds to the contest.

Note: Since #1 & #2 ran head-to-head the whole time and eventually ended up with the exact same result we had to decide that the Blue XMB theme will come to second place because it is based on an already entered theme.


The first place: Studio Ghibli v1.02 by Red Squirrel (@redsquirrel87) who won a $30 PSN Card




The second place: Blue XMB Theme v2 by ACViper who won a $20 PSN Card




The third place: PacMan Theme v1.00 by YeeRMaaN who won a $10 PSN Card




Congratulations! We will contact everyone of you in private for your gifts asap.


And for everyone else who didn’t win this time, we built this Custom-Themes-Database-Page to honor your work! And we will keep updating this pages with all new entries in our forums post for custom made themes to come! So please don’t stop shareing your awesome themes and continue posting them! 🙂

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned for more contests and giveaways to come!


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  1. Dissapointed that the kingdom hearts theme didn’t win but oh well, there’s always next time I guess??

    Or better yet, I could play kingdom hearts on my Vita.

    • Yeah same here. That kingdom hearts theme was awesome and so were the icons made. I think this was all fixed since how the fuck did the Pac-Man one beat Kingdom Hearts.

      • You got me as there was no double votes and I thought the something. Cuz there are so many really good themes. I like that gravity rush one, but at least the person who made kingdom heart theme won the contest with a different theme. He did some great work on them.

  2. Congratulations to the winners! 🙂 I’m just a little disappointed that the winners were not very originals.

    I look forward to an another competition! 😀

  3. Kind of shady, all of these suck.

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