Mobile Game Review: Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Hello everybody, riddle43 back with of a review of wonderful little game I came across and I felt I should share a little with you all.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a game for you Android and IOS devices where you the player assembles a party of up to five members consisting of various named and generic Final Fantasy characters. With their party, the player visits the various worlds of the main Final Fantasy series (minus the MMO games), and progresses through the game by completing Classic Dungeons recreated from the Record Realm that they are set in.

While in a world, the player cannot change party members, equipment, or set abilities. Each world consists of one or more locations, which have one or more Active Time Battles.
These battles are set in old school graphics and character models from the Final Fantasy worlds and gives it a real retro feel.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper has animated enemy and summon sprites.The battles in a location are fought consecutively, with HP, Status Effects (Poison, Petrify, Silence and Blind), and abilities used from each battle carrying over to the next. When all battles in a location are completed, the player is given a score for that location “Novice”, “Expert”, or “Champion” based on time taken, damage received, player characters dead, and Special Scorefor any bosses that were fought.


Battles can be fought manually or automatically, this can be changed throughout the battle. If auto-battle is being used, characters will only attack.Each character may equip one weapon, one piece of armor, and one accessory at a time. Weapons and armor may be leveled up via a refinement process carried out by Cid. This costs gil and requires the sacrifice of another piece of equipment. Once the item’s level gauge is filled, it levels up and its stats improve.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper also has daily challenges and themed events that fill out the game play. This game is a fun little game for the die hard fans of the series but don’t expect a deep story but just a fun little walk down memory lane.

Here are just a few of the charters you can have with you on your journey. Final Fantasy I Warrior of Light Final Fantasy II Firion Final Fantasy III Arc Final Fantasy IV Cecil  Final Fantasy V  Bartz  Final Fantasy VI Terra  Final Fantasy VII Cloud  Final Fantasy VIII Squall  Final Fantasy IX  Zidane  Final Fantasy X  Tidus Final Fantasy XII  Vaan Final Fantasy XIII Lightning.


Well I hope this has peaked your interest in this game so please go get it from iTunes and Google play store, and as always you can follow me on twitter @riddle43

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