PSVita Firmware 3.30 What Works & doesn’t

Yesterday, Playstation released there new update FW 3.30 for the psvita and now you can have themes. Right now there are only two themes in the U.S. psn store as more will probably be added before the release of the Playstation TV. It has also added a few extra functions to the Vita TV.

The best functions to the Vita TV is being able to use US accounts on it. So you can use all your digital games on the Vita TV that wouldn’t normally play. Since the Vita TV was region locked, to only Japan but that has all changed now with this new update.


Now let’s get to the fun stuff, like what works and doesn’t work. First let’s start off with the package installer, Sony has patch the path it was using but you can still open up the package installer via email but you will not be able to see the Content Manager and be able to put apps or demos in it from other regions. Here’s a quick video of it.


Next qcma does not work with firmware 3.30, but open CMA R5 is still working properly. Just make sure that your PSVita is in airplane mode before you connected it to the PC because it will still ask you to update. Since the PS Vita will talk via WiFi to the PlayStation Network even if you have no internet access on the PC, here is a video of the opencma trick with the PS3.

Now the Kernel exploit that TN-V and TN-X where using, are also patch. Which mean all the exploits will not run TN-V or TN-X on Fw 3.30. The game exploit themself can still trigger as seen here.

What does that mean? Well someone just need to run a hello world or just port over VHBL over to one of the many exploits out here. There are also still a few kernel exploits out there with the leaked files but no one I know of has tried any of them yet.

In my personal opinion I would think Sony patched all of the kexploits that were leak. Specially with the Playstation TV going to be released here on October 14th.


Stay tuned as more testing has to be done, We would like to here your comments and thoughts on this new Psvita update. So do you think it’s worth losing TN-V or TN-X over two theme in the store? Now if you have a Vita TV I can totally understand if you updated to play all your US game on it now.

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  1. Personally, I don’t think themes are that big of a deal. Yeah, it would be cool but it’s not worth losing my exploit. Also, as you said, I’m curious to see if the other kxploits are patched. I figure you’re right and they are but wouldn’t it be cool if we could just use a different one and have TN-V on 3.30?

  2. facebook is not working properly

  3. i want to see how good is the game.I never tired that game.